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Proven Experience

With proven experience spanning more than 20 years, Marcy Jaffe is a leader in transportation innovation. Working from a background in transportation policy, planning and finance, Marcy Jaffe offers exceptional customer service, explaining complex technical issues in a way that becomes accessible to agency staff, consumers and business owners. Her distinguished position as a leading transportation innovator has led Marcy Jaffe to address meetings of National Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems (NRITS), Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, and the State Transit Associations of Washington, Oregon and Colorado, speaking on data integration and online trip planning.


Best Project Management Practices

Too many projects fail without adequate leadership. Marcy Jaffe holds a Masters in Business and Public Administration from the University of California at Irvine, and frequently updates her credentials, most recently through the Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE), "Managing High Technology Projects in Transportation". MJC has found that frequent revisions of systems engineering is integral to avoiding technology pitfalls and providing the highest level of service to clients.

Coordination and Livability Are Supported by MJC's Initiatives

Nearly all grant applications require proof of collaboration and coordination. For transportation initiatives, coordination is the key. A proof of coordination is integrating trip planning with your adjacent agencies through on-line trip planning at Google Maps. MJC has assisted many agencies in the process of either working within existing funding constraints, or securing adequate funding for General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) integration. MJC was awarded grants at the local, regional, state and federal levels. 


Data Integration

Currently, over 30 agencies trust MJC with their data and accurate representation of their agency at Google Maps. In 2005, Marcy Jaffe began pioneering innovative approaches to bringing transit agencies live at Google Transit successfully integrating the first intercity, interstate carrier to appear on the network in 2007. Jaffe serves as project manager of all MJC operations, assuring strict quality control of dozens of diverse, rural transportation providers that are now interwoven through Google Transit. As part of her commitment to clients, Marcy Jaffe helped to create a unique open-source platform for General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), which empowers agencies to trim costs by retaining data management and control. Often, building an accurate transit dataset can help MJC and clients detect unforeseen errors in agency geocoding and transit timetables.


Meets Your Needs

MJC assists agencies to engage in customized GTFS integration that best suits the needs of each individual client. The non-proprietary integration process utilized by MJC allows for a unique degree of procedural flexibility. While some clients prefer the full range of integration and maintenance services provided by MJC, many choose to trim costs by dedicating agency staff to duties such as geocoding, schedule integration, and assuring quality controls. In these instances, MJC works closely with your transportation staff to provide technical support, making the integration into Google Transit is easier and more affordable than ever before.



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